The definition of sustainability is intrinsically allowing all possible futures and not restricting to some paths:
“Sustainability is a state of a complex, dynamic system. In this state a system can continue to flourish without leading to its internal collapse or requiring inputs from outside its defined system boundaries. Applied to our civilization, this state is consistent with an equitable and healthy society, as well as thriving ecosystems and a beautiful planet.”
Except, Symbiosis in Development Sustainability definition, 2011

Today lots of ways are explored to step into sustainability, some are judged less efficient than others while others not good at all.
Everyone judges today the sustainability’s degree of something with his own “pair of glasses” (or if you want: level of consciousness or expertise or own experience) and can indeed position a tip against sustainability goals.

So there is no chart to be respected to judge if a tip is good or bad, too engaged, too critical, not really sustainable, etc.
However we try to be critical on the aspects below that are underlining values and functioning patterns of a sustainable society. These are a few examples scrutinised through our own “pair of glasses”.

Goals for sustainability:
1. your ability to be resilient as a separate entity/family/organization
2. targeting of the smallest footprint possible (towards a negative footprint)
3. your cooperation to building the society as a long-term partnership

Is our tip positive?
Does it empower you?
Does it help to enhance (bio)diversity? Does it enable/stimulate a diversity of solutions?
Does it help to reduce our environmental footprint? We are aiming to a “negative footprint” of course!
Does it help to make people happy? We want to find back enthusiasm to develop ourselves. We want interactive and attractive solutions using all human creative potential.
Does it help to establish mutual beneficial relationships with the natural environment and with others? Everything is in connection and cooperation with each other.
Does it help to promote awareness and develop consciousness of people?