Sat 27 July 2013, by Noémie BACK

We got chickens at our wedding

A few months ago, I decided to have urban chickens to get eggs everyday. I read about it and asked questions to friends who already got some. I planned to be ready in 2014. However, dear French friends offer us 6 chickens at our wedding (July 2013). And we had to speed up our installation and acquisition knowledge about it!

15th July 2013

We transformed a dusty old trunk into a night shelter, managed a cute bridge and enclosed a few square meter for our 6 little chickens. We bought some seeds mix for baby chickens and looked at them eating, discovering their new pad and holding each other for the night.

4th August 2013

Our little chickens begin to gambol into the garden. They scratch the ground, jump a few centimeters behind and eat small insects. Very cute. Some of them are growing quite impressively while some others stay small (for now!). We give them all vegetables kitchen waste, they eat only the green! They still did not understand that they need to sleep into their box, so, every evening around 10pm, we put them back into their box, fortunately they do not run too far because they are already sleepy.

Next observations soon!