Sun 13 October 2013, by Noémie BACK

Swing re-generation

It will become a day where everything will be about swing! Shake your legs! Give your best! Learn the Shim-sham! Swivel on ……..! Laugh, smile and meet nice people while setting fire to the dancefloor!

If I tell you Fred Astaire’s years are also the 2013’s ones, that the frenzied Charleston challenges are back in town, that lindy-hop is not anymore a far-west historical word but that is happening right now close to you, will you believe me? You should. Because it’s the reality!

Just for so many reasons, lindy-hop, charleston, balboa, etc come back to our cities: social dance, dancing all night without a heavy alcohol party, meeting new people while doing a fun activity, instead of a fitness course every week, to save a wedding or to spice a couple’s life…

Instructions of use: subscribe for an hour of lesson per week, relax one or two evenings/afternoons at the local swing event, meet new friends and leave for a 3-days workshop in one of the European summits, that’s the best recipe to become a geek in a few months. Take care, it can be addictive! As far as I have seen, it’s a healthy addiction 😉


Want to get a feeling of what it could be, follow the journalist Kina Markova getting introduced to a local scene in Ghent, the Gentse Hoppers! >>>


Photos, courtesy of Milda’s photography with Helena Verheyen.