Wed 3 April 2013, by Noémie BACK

What if rooftops would be gardened?

Take a seat. Place it in front of your window. How many roofs do you see? Are they flat? Are they sloping?
Imagine now that one would be planted with grasses. These grasses would be swinging with the gusts of wind. They could be about 30-40cm high. They are light, they only need a few centimeters of soil to root.
Imagine now that the neighborhood roof would have another variety of grass. This would give a nice patchwork! They would swing a little bit less… Different birds would be interested to eat their seeds.
Take now another rooftop, this one is flat. The owner has made a small layer of soil to cultivate lettuces and radish with his kids. How wonderful! They garden with a nice view! And it grows fast enough for sharing the products with the neighborhood.

Now, let’s have the look to this new extension taken a bit further. They have already planned their flat rooftop to host a thicker layer of soil and they plant sweet peppers, zucchini, pumpkins and cabbages. They change the composition at every season.
These other guys there did have a rooftop but they are students and do not have time to take care of it: just a layer of soil was placed and now, lots of different grasses invaded the space. It is wilder.
Oh and this old woman there. She planted flowers.
And we can also see this sloping roof there, they have used mosses.

Actually all these different roofs are micro-ecosystems hosting thousands of species invisible to our eyes. They provide food for birds in the meantime, as well as pollen for the bees. And for us Humans, the windows’ views are so much more beautiful!