Sun 11 August 2013, by Noémie BACK

Let’s share Wifi!

Since a few years, the number of alerts concerning the long-term exposure risks to electromagnetic waves (Wifi, mobile phone…) are multiplied. The health and safety city departments, numerous citizens’ rights associations and last but not the least important the scientific community mobilize themselves to engage preventive measures after the alarming results of some first scientific studies.

It exists a lot of easy solutions to diminuish our exposure to Wifi waves:

  • Check at home how many Wifi signals you can see. At least 5! Propose to your neighbors if they would be willing to share the same wifi. Everyone will then reduce their costs (best argument to mobilize everyone). If some of your neighbors are recalcitrant, propose a try-period of a month or two where everyone can give a feedback and then decide together.
  • Switch your Wifi off by night, it is a simple click to do that will make your brain resting more. After all, we all want to have a deep relaxing night.
  • At home: a new system transferring data through the electric network (you need just to plug in your Ethernet cable on a special plug) is a good alternative to wifi. You can plug and unplug it in any rooms of your house! Know more: French search “CPL wifi”, an exemple here, English search ie “powerline eternet plug”, an exemple here.
  • An extension or a renovation to your home? Invest in a network already encabled in the wall-floor structure.


And now, be creative on using less your mobile phone! It seems that it will have some hidden benefits in a few decades!

To know more about that, the French website of the Association Nationale pour la sécurité sanitaire dans les technologies sans fil or some google search will offer you interesting articles (Search: “wifi brain effect” for example).

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