Wed 6 March 2013, by Noémie BACK

Keep your vegetables fit!

WITHOUT A FRIDGE. Impossible? Look at this low-tech smart design system. Trying to use less energy and to be less dependent on energy-production, it always gives me a good feeling to get to know great alternatives.

Created by Korean artist Jihyun Ryou, the “Save food from the refrigerator” project brings to light the symbiosis between potatoes and apples, the necessary vertical placement of root vegetables, the effect of humidity on fruit vegetables, the dryness needed for spices or even the breathing of eggs!

This handy package you can easily fabricate yourself with wood, glass, sand and other ordinary materials, you just need a wall to hang it on. Behind the project, there is a real desire to reconnect people to the fresh produce, their quality and their consumption. It is thus not only a nice family participation tool but a real smart low-tech solution!

And how did our forebearers do a few decades ago without refrigerators? Maybe there are other techniques still waiting for re-discovering?…


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