Tue 7 April 2015, by Noémie BACK

Homemade limonade as probiotic drink

We were served twice, three, four times at a chic veggie monthly guesthouse where we love to go a homemade kefir. No clue what was that but it was delicious and every time we got to taste a new flavour!

I found a few weeks ago an article on the blog of Camille Laperle and thought that it was time to learn seriously about it, to try it (a good quality intestinal flora is very important before giving birth naturally) and to share it online!

First of all, this drink is made from grains which are living bacteria and yeast. You get them online or most of the time from friends of friends, etc. The principle of these kefir grains is that they multiply while eating sugar and thanks to this kind of fermentation produces a sort of drink full of probiotics and good stuff for our body. It takes little time (24 to 48 hours) and you can take care of your kefir grains undefinitely.

You can make a kefir drink from water or from milk. You can have the flavour you want. If you enjoy limonade or sodas, it’s for you! 🙂

Here an easy recipe for preparing milkkefir in English. Here you can find in French lots of kefir recipes based on fruits. Here the post of Camille Laperle on the basics about kefir. And hereunder a small video to have an idea what gests are necessary to prepare it. Simple, isn’t it?

Photo credits freestylefarm.ca