Thu 27 December 2012, by Noémie BACK

Once upon a time, foie gras was a natural product.

I am not going to preach for eating foie gras but just raise the awareness on the ancestral way of getting a fantastic foie gras.
For Christmas, I went to my usual family organic supermarket Biocoop in Cognac and asked if they had some foie gras. Our friendly owner answered me: here we decided to not sell these products. Until a few weeks ago that we discovered that fat lievers could be obtained by not feeding horribly the geese! Did you know that?… And she began to explain me that.
Naturally geese are very “gourmandes” and nourish themselves with natural seeds and herbs. They will make a fat liever to resist to some harder conditions like seasons. Is there some stress involved in that? No, they are programmed to do so as a normal strategy to survive in case of.
Eduardo Sousa in the TED talk of Dan Barber has a great story that illustrated how geese could be raised enjoying the natural environment, not artificially fed and enough happy to develop great behaviors towards their wild cousins.