Tue 7 April 2015, by Noémie BACK

Eating the placenta?

Being about to give birth in a few weeks, I tried as much as possible to think about every gest we are gonna do and to become aware of the most things happening at this very special moment of life.

In our Western modern societies we have much less traditions concerning birth than in ancestral, indigeneous, religious ones but still we are doing the same act since milleniums.

So I was wondering since a few months about the use of the placenta. What can we do with it? I read in books that it was a very special and valuable piece but did not find yet information till I asked around me.

The answer at the hospital was: you can give the blood still contained in the umbilical cord to the medicine bank, they will extract stem cells to save others lives, but that was not about the placenta. Another practice was about keeping it and extracting I do not know what for in case of cancer or sickness but known as reserved for fortunated people able to pay the medecine bank every year for the conservation.

Then I read about countries where placenta was eaten or cooked or conserved. And both seemed to me a bit far compared to my way of life… But then I heard that in Germany and Switzerland they were actually using the placenta, using the technique of isotherapy (homeopathic principles) to make dilutions able to support the mother’s body to recover in the months after the birth and the baby for strengthening him against small infections or big sicknesses his while childhood.

After reading an article of the Dr Michel Dogna that proposes the background of other uses, I found a few tips on this blog which were confirmed by friends having used the technique with the laboratory Mentop in Germany, which seems affordable. I am going to try and I let you know!

Photo credits: alternativesante.fr