Tue 26 February 2013, by Noémie BACK

Cereals steak vs meat steak

How can I replace the piece of meat and still have a tasty, looking good & healthy place? That is a question I often heard.

First of all we are worried to not eat enough “proteins” and to miss something if we do not eat our daily meat portion. Secondly we are trying to find alternative food easy to prepare and having health benefits!

First, one ingredient I love is the cereal burger. In Belgium, you have an entire department in each organic store to buy them, fresh or industrially prepared. I used in France to buy the tofu burgers of Soy but they are twice packaged (cardboard and then plastic) but they are delicious and available in thousands flavours.

When I lived in Rotterdam I did not find them anymore and try to make my own quinoa steak (delicious recipe in French here). I cooked season vegetables, one or two different sorts together in a pan, then I mixed them with the pasta made of cereals previously cooked and then little bit fried in the pan to make them looking like a burger.

We were enthusiastic and made a lot, too many actually so that the day after, we had to take for lunch and had the great surprise that they were very good cold!

I advice you to eat them with a little portion of vegetables in the same plate and a bit of fresh salad. Then you have a very balanced plate!

I recommend you also this small book about the richness of such veggie burgers and their high quality proteins provision with the basic recipes for all sort of cereals: Galettes végétales, de bonnes protéines pour une belle forme.

Photo credits Vegecarib.org