Thu 16 May 2013, by Noémie BACK

Buying less but better feels gooood!

A few months ago, my friend told me about the book of Béa Johnson about Zero Waste Home. At that moment I just finished to read the No Impact Man, a magnificent example of how we are completely in a consumption routine without having conscious of it anymore.
I decided to put in practice the first and second tips Béa Johnson gives in her book: Refuse & Reduce.
I decided to apply it to my shopping: at the supermarket, at the decoration shop, at the cloth shop, and especially online.
For the daily needs, the first thing I was beginning with:
– to make a list of what I needed,
– if the list was lasting longer than a week and validated every day,
– ok, go for buying it.

For the occasional things that I would need, like a cloth or a thing:
– Put on the agenda of buying it,
– Waiting for 3 weeks/a month to be sure that was still needed,
– Going to buy it.

For the online shop:
– Making a wishlist or filling up the basket with all items I would love (there I put also the things I like just for the pleasure)
– Saving it and waiting for a few days where I could review it, update it, delete items, etc. I had the most pleasure at that moment. Like with, reviewing beautiful products and choosing them or saving them for later.
– Sometimes waiting for months, for books for example,
– For books I used Amazon basket and then sent an email to my street bookstore to order them, for clothes, I used the bookmarks or the online basket, or a printscreen that would wait on my desktop for a bit.

This time helped me to select the ones I would really want.

In the shop:
– Wandering in the shop and taking all what I like without restrictions,
– Inspecting my basket and reviewing the articles I had (a second time shopping and enjoying the amount of things)
– Deciding what was the priority and necessary, selecting,
– Buying them while putting the rest in place.

This small new routine took me about one month before systematically checking my basket before check out. Now I like this moment of selection, I feel lighter afterwards and what is in my basket seems so special!

Now I am busy doing the same with packaging. To follow in another post!