Thu 26 December 2013, by Noémie BACK

Questioning birth

Talking to people around me about giving birth: everyone is first talking about high risks and the need to be able to control, to secure the birth to prevent anything to happen. I am suprised that a deep fear impregnates so much this extraordinary moment of life that our civilization does since millenars… It is an amazing manifestation about how our society has spread and lived fear since a few decades. I am not against medecine and I think making progress in medecine is truly amazing but it seems it has been so generalized that everything is passing by medicalization without criticism.

Today the most amazing thing to realize is that women do not know about birth, about what happens physically (the control of the brain, the play of the different hormons, etc) and why it happens so. Yoga, prenatal sessions and other preparations are not yet compensating the cultural knowledge gap.

I am dreaming that every woman could benefit of all this knowledge, the multiple experiences of other women and have a real preparatory trajectory before this grand moment of life where you indeniably loose and win, discover and explore your own body but life in another sense. Every woman should be able to give birth and not only being assisted by a medical team. The day where that will come will be big. 🙂


I just read the book of Laura Kaplan Shanley, The unassisted childbirth. Foreworded of course by Michel Odent. (It is a strong book, not the best to begin about the question, other posts will present other readings).

In the 3 first chapters, a very delicate and strong presentation of today’s deviations.  I just offer you that to invite you to read it:

“Someday women will not give birth in hospitals because they will realize that childbirth is not a disease. They will not pay physicians thousands of dollars to probe them and cut them and tell them what to do. They will not submit themselves to IVs, fetal monitors, vaginal examinations, or Cesarean sections. Nor will they take the hospitals into their homes, bringing there the well-meaning substitute doctors – the midwives – with their sterilized instruments, rubber gloves, and breathing techniques. For, none of this will be necessary.

Someday, both women and men will understand that childbirth (and every other event in their lives) is the result of their individual beliefs. They will no longer listen to the voices of officialdom telling them that their lives are beyond their self-conscious control. They will listen instead to the inner authority saying, “Your life is your own creation. Believe in yourself and you have nothing to fear.” “

Let’s keep it a small post. Have a nice reading! 😉


Image credits to Godusjourney on Flickr.