Mon 12 August 2013, by Noémie BACK

Brushing your teeth is shewing plastics

“Imagine, brushing your teeth with plastics ….. big no-no for me. Going through my own grooming ‘range’ I quickly identified three products, ELMEX Sensitive toothpaste, containing Polyethylene (PE), L’Oreal Techni Art Glue structurising fiber gel, containing VP / VA ((VinylPyrrolidone/Vinyl Acetate), and L’Oreal Studio Out of Bed fixating fiber cream, containing PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone).”

Peter in his article Micro Plastics as Ingredient in Cosmetics Products – Towards Effective Solutions identified (subject of a first article) “two types of disposable plastics, one being all the single-use packaging/holding/utensil products we use, the second being micro plastics or ‘micro beads’. Micro beads are a fairly recent (and growing) new application of plastics, primarily used as abrasive and fiber ingredient in a range of cosmetics products, soaps, eye lash enhancers, toothpaste, hair-gel, bathing gel and what not.”

The first idea is the contact between our inner body and these substances, what or is it going through our skin? The second idea is that these disposable products are single use and the amount of micro-plastics that end-up in the environment (too tiny to be filtered) and notably in the sea is tremendous.

The micro-organisms and sea animals are the first ones concerned in this story as they can absorb quantities of micro-plastics. Without mentioning that these fishes can end-up in our plates and then in our stomachs, I think we should be aware of the impact of cosmetics and take decision to reduce and stop this tricky invisible pollution.

I would not like to be pessimistic but when we wash out our clothes, the same is happening, micro-plastics of synthetic clothes are going away and finishes in the sewage, etc, etc…


Based on the lecture of Micro Plastics as Ingredient in Cosmetics Products – Towards Effective Solutions by Peter de Ruijter Design 2sustain