Small+Big Steps gathers insights, tips, stories, reflections, inspirations, references, ideas that will help you making steps towards sustainability in a easy, efficient and enjoyable way.

This tips&tricks collection comes from a bench of pioneers, leaders, everyday adventurers who test, invent, gather ideas and reflect on our future but rather by everyday actions. For this reason, all information sources are listed as well as photos’ credits.
Small+Big Steps aims to give more visibility to all this creative energy leading to improve our lives in a sustainable way.
Tips want to improve, change, begin, enjoy, challenge, think about, question, discover… your own sustain-ability.

Sustainable change comes by a multitude of small and big changes, affecting every aspect of the industrialised society on this planet, from individual thought and action, to fundamental changes in how we, as a species, exist. No one action will bring about a sustainable society, there is no end goal. All smaller and bigger actions will bring about a new momentum in human development. For us and for the possible contributors of Small+Big Steps, the path to a sustainable society needs to be enjoyed as a great journey full of awareness, positive exchange and motivation.

What is a small step?

An action at your personal or family level both improving your sustain-ability in your everyday life while also improving this last one.

What is a big step?

An action at a group level (organization, friends…) able to engage multiple individuals and both improving the sustain-ability of the group’s behaviour and activity while improving them.