Tue 1 October 2013, by Noémie BACK

Finally the Moleskine DIY

During my short career in sustainability consulting and professional work, I come across lots of consultants, all more sustainable than the others at work, at home, etc BUT they used Moleskine booklets. You would say: Moleskine uses acid-free paper and declares that the paper is FSC certified. So? What’s the problem?

I just observed that it is a brand, something like having a Mont-Blanc pen. I was imagining that all these consultants could be instead much more inspiring towards their clients by promoting a diversity of solutions and not one only unified product (remember the IKEA concept) around the world.

Here, 2 concepts from my colleagues working in different companies:

– The draft paper booket:

Take one-side used papers (A4-A3-etc), cut them at the format you like with a paper cutting machine. Choose then a nice binding. Done!

See cover for picture of it!

– The enveloppe booklet:

When you get post, open it properly with a knife or cutter. Keep all opened enveloppes from the daily post. Order them in a nice way and bind them into a booklet at the copy shop.




It costs you 0€, it’s handy and practical. You get it done very easily. Transportation costs and carbon footprint are 0. While diversity and originality is at its maximum with unique collections.

If you really want to keep a very serious format, the MUJI collection costs half the price of a Moleskine for very japanese designs, have a look! Cover picture: credits to MUJI.